The Garden Of Life & Piet Hein's Sundial

The new garden, The Garden of Life, symbolizes the passage of time, the rhythm of the year and stimulates the senses. In the middle of the garden you will find Piet Hein’s Sundial

The idea behind the garden is peace and contemplation and stimulation of the senses. The garden will provide a sensory experience through shapes, plants, colours and scents that take visitors on a tour of the seasons, the passage of time and the five senses. The garden rooms illustrate the seasons through colour, with different colour schemes in adjoining rooms. When it comes to stimulating the senses, water is an important element, and water has been incorporated into all of the garden rooms. The Blue Garden in the center, represents the sense of hearing, will include various instruments, delicate wind chimes, and rustling and whispering grasses.

The concept and design of the garden have been developed by head gardener Peter Bonde Poulsen in collaboration with Count Michael Ahlefeldt, and the garden is being established in 2015 by Egeskov’s teams of gardeners. The garden is expected to develop and really come into its own over a 3–4 year period.