Someting for every generation

There are masses of impressive motor vehicles, aircraft and other exciting collections of hardware in Egeskov's Oldtimer Museum. One of the largest collections in Northern Europe is on display in the Motorcycle Museum which contains a unique collection of two-wheeled vehicles from the 1920s to the 1970s.

The Falck Museum offers an excellent insight into their work of the life-saving services in Denmark through the last 100 years.

Large and small princes and princesses will be delighted with the collection of old dolls on display in the Dolls' House. Last, but not least, don't miss "Titania's Palace", home to the royal fairies. This spectacular Doll's House was built by Sir Neville Wilkinson, on his daughters wish to provide a better home for the fairies that lived outside in the garden. "Titania's Palace" is on show in Egeskov Castle.