New PUCH exhibit

Egeskov is adding the popular Puch moped – immortalised in the ‘Polle from Snave’ TV commercials in Denmark – to its museum, in a collection of machines from the 1960s to 1980s.

Egeskov Veteran Museum exhibits classic vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, airplanes, as well as horse carriages, emergency vehicles and bicycles – and now also a special exhibition of Puch mopeds.

Puch mopeds were one of the most widely used makes in Denmark for decades, and are being sold today at unprecedented prices. At the exhibition you can re-experience many models such as Puch VZ50, Puch 3 gears, Puch Flagship and Puch Maxi.

Puch was an Austrian motorcycle factory, founded in 1899 by Johann Puch. Although the company is best known for producing motorcycles and mopeds, it also made cars and bicycles.

The first moped was released in 1952. In 1966, Denmark topped the chart as the largest importer per capita of Puch mopeds worldwide. It is estimated that 250,000 Puchs were sold in Denmark, where they became extremely popular in step with the increasing prosperity of the 1970s.

 The moped was a significant part of youth culture, and gave young people a great sense of freedom.

Puch was acquired by Piaggio of Italy in 1987, renowned for their Vespa scooters, and production has been discontinued.