The Loft

Interesting exhibitions can be found in the castle loft.

The Wooden Man

Beneath the spire of the tower lies Egeskov’s wooden man. It is said that if he is moved from his position on the cushion, Egeskov will sink into the moat on Christmas Eve. Generations past at Egeskov reputedly never used to spend Christmas at the castle, fearing that this prediction would come true. However, although a Danish Christmas tradition usually reserved for elves, the current count’s family takes a bowl of rice pudding up to the wooden man, while they themselves celebrate Christmas safely ensconced in the festively decorated rooms below.

The Pottery Room

Also up here on the top floor is the Pottery Room. The room houses a lovely collection of faience pottery used at the castle from the 19th century, including pitcher and bowl sets, bidets and chamber pots. Egeskov even had a portable toilet for use during hunts. On really cold days, the hunters could warm themselves with a copper hot water bottle around their waist.

Housekeeping at Egeskov – then and now

The “Housekeeping at Egeskov – then and now” exhibition reveals among other things just how physically demanding the job of cleaning the castle was in the old days. The floor mop used by the staff weighs 15 kg! See the housekeeping equipment used at Egeskov, from kitchen utensils to cleaning equipment.

Toy Exhibition

Up in the loft is a fine collection of historic toys.