Falck Healthcare

The "Falck Health Care" exhibition shows the role that Falck has played in the health and well-being of the Danish population for a century. The exhibition shows Falck's early work: providing information about the risk of infection from flies in 1913, the launch of breast pumps, security systems for the elderly, home help, medical clinics, crisis psychologists and multidisciplinary treatment in an effort to create a healthier life for people, both at home and at work.

This extensive welfare activity has become an export product, and the exhibition shows how Falck clinics are springing up in many parts of the world today. Follow a Falck Health Care clinic as it appears around the world, and finally give yourself a health check at Falck's own health portal FalckMyCare.dk, where you will find useful advice on health and can test both your physical and mental health at work and at home.