The Herbaceous Garden and Grey Garden

The original 800 sqm perennial garden was installed in 1967 as a joint creative initiative between Countess Nonni Ahlefeldt and landscape architects Erna Sonne-Friis and Ingwer Ingwersen. The garden was removed in 1984. Count Michael Ahlefeldt restored his grandmother’s perennial garden in 1996, based on the original plant plans, and the garden was renovated in 2008.

The perennial garden is the first garden you meet as you wander through the grounds at Egeskov. The new perennial garden is being installed in the original setting. It will be divided into 5 areas, with 300 sections and 100 different kinds of perennials, in a range of colours, that will flower from early spring to late autumn. Visitors will be met by a new sight. The plants will be a mix of perennials, trees, shrubs and grasses.

Chief gardener Peter Bonde Poulsen has designed the perennial garden, and garden architect Janne Fuglsang has worked out the planting plan.

Visitors to the garden will be able to follow its installation over the coming months.