Fuchsia Garden

Egeskov’s large collection of fuchsias is relocating to a new garden area in the woods, where these delicate plants can thrive in semi-shade.

Egeskov has a highly exclusive fuchsia collection, which can be put down to the simple fact that the residents of Egeskov were enchanted by this particular plant.
Egeskov probably has the largest collection of fuchsias in Europe with some 800 different varieties in the garden. The sheer number of them is remarkable, but the age of the plants even more so. Many of the fuchsias are 40–60 years old; the oldest a whopping 90!
The fuchsia has become a hugely popular ornamental plant in Danish gardens, which occurs in thousands of crosses, offering a profusion of shapes, colour combinations and growth forms. The plant originates from South America and has been known since the 18th century.
Looking after fuchsias is not a job for the faint-hearted! The flower does not tolerate frost, so Egeskov’s vast collection is planted out every single year when the gardeners are absolutely sure that the risk of night frost is over. This takes place between 20 May and 1 June. 
In the autumn, gardeners dig up the fuchsia collection to overwinter in the warm, controlled conditions of the greenhouse. They are planted out every year from around the end of May and taken in again in late September.