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Egeskov Farm and Forestry

Egeskov Farm and Forestry is a state-of-the-art, streamlined farm where up-to-the-minute GPS equipment is used to optimise operations.

Due to our climatic location, the make-up of crops grown here is fairly set. In recent years, we have progressed from the intensive cultivation of cereals to become experts in seed production. The seed species that we have found to thrive here have proved to be an improving economic factor.

As the soil on the estate varies somewhat in quality, our machinery pool is composed of equipment able to handle all imaginable conditions. This is achieved through conscious machine strategies and the desire for sustainable investment.

Manpower at the farm comprises two tractor drivers and a farm manager, with further seasonal help with harvesting as and when required.

The total acreage at Egeskov amounts to 1,143 hectares, divided into 840 hectares of arable land, 235 hectares of forest, 55 hectares of wetland and 13 hectares of meadow.

The two breeding farms Rubjerg and Fjellebro come under Egeskov Farm. Together, they cover an area of ​​840 hectares of arable land. The quality of the soil varies from areas of light sand to heavy clay, which can prove challenging in wet conditions. Climatically, we are located in a cold region where frost is not unheard of in May.

The crops grown here are bread wheat, spring barley for breeding, winter rapeseed for energy, grass seed and spinach seed.

Our high-quality bread grain is, among other things, used for the Egeskov bread range at Gertz Danish Bakery.

As part of the development and optimisation of the farm, we have recently invested in state-of-the-art Fendt tractors, which are the most fuel-efficient machines on the market.