New exhibitions at the Falck Museum

The Falck Museum has been renovated and presents the first two of six new exhibitions on the history of the rescue corps.

At Egeskov, you will find a museum for the Danish rescue service, Falck. The museum's narrative traces the development of Falck and society from 1906, when the first rescue station was established in Copenhagen, to the present day, when Falck is an international ambulance, fire and rescue company, operating in most parts of the world. 
The Falck museum presents Falck's history in two large halls containing an extensive collection of emergency vehicles and objects related to Falck's history. You can, among other things, see historical ambulances and an original rescue station, as it looked in the 1970s, with the control centre, vehicles and crew quarters.
In 2016, you can see the first in a series of innovative changes at the Falck Museum. In addition to being able to offer visitors a warm welcome to a refurbished exhibition room, the museum also presents two new exhibition sections: "Falck Healthcare" and "The history of the Ambulance Service". 
The development of the Falck Museum, from not only describing Falck's history, but also describing how Falck has become a part of the Danish and international community, will continue over the next few years.