Dahlia Garden

This summer, you can look forward to the spectacle of thousands of colourful blooms in the Dahlia Garden at Egeskov. The new planted area was previously occupied for decades by the fuchsias, which have now been moved to a new garden area in the woods.

Egeskov’s Dahlia Garden was originally an orchard, surrounded by tall hedges. The tall hedges create a wonderful micro climate and ensure that the temperature in the garden is always three degrees warmer than in open areas. So it made perfect sense to Egeskov’s gardeners to transform the garden into a Dahlia Garden.
There are 140 varieties planted in the Dahlia Garden, and you can see a wide range of varieties from Pompom and the cactus types to the large flowered Giant Dahlia, which grows up to 30 cm in diameter. In the summer, a riot of colour will fill the garden.
Before the onset of frost in the autumn, the dahlia tubers will be dug up to overwinter in the warm, controlled conditions of the greenhouses. In the spring, 11,000 tulips and the blossoming fruit trees will make the garden a particularly dazzling sight to behold for visitors to Egeskov. 
The 80 different tulip varieties alone create a veritable colour explosion in the spring, and then it’s time for the year’s major event for amateur gardeners – the “Tulip Run”.
The Tulip Run is held every year in late May, when the beds have to be prepared for the dahlias, and the tulips have finished flowering. As soon as the gates are opened, gardening enthusiasts flood into Egeskov to pick up free tulip bulbs to take home with them and plant in their own gardens. So it would be fair to say that Egeskov is well represented in the back gardens of Denmark!