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The maze

The entire family can assist one another in finding their way through the large maze, designed by the poet and designer Piet Hein. It is - as far as we know - the world's largest maze and, on average, it'll take you 15 minutes to find your way to the center.
There are several mazes at Egeskov for you to get lost in, the oldest having been created nearly 300 years ago. The round yew maze also makes an excellent challenge for both old and young ones.
You will find Egeskov's newest maze outside the park, at the parking area. Consisting of larch trees, the maze was designed by Count Claus Ahlefeldt. It is off charge to enter the maze and it is open all day.
Something for the whole family to enjoy or as we say get lost.

Tree Top Walking

As part of the magnificent 130 year old birch forest, adventurous visitors can walk along a 100 metre high tree top trail. From the crown of one beautiful birch to another you will come across platforms, allowing you to rest, listen to the cheerful bird songs and take in the impressive views of Egeshov. The longest trail is 17.8 metres long before reaching one of the 6 platforms. 
The Tree Top Walking has received certification from the Danish Technological Institute.

Dracula's crypt

Legend has it that, in the mid 1960s, a boy was born to the name Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille. Today he is the Count at Egeskov and lives in Egeshov itself.
In 1993 another Count made his presence felt at Egeskov: none other than Count Dracula himself.
To remove any shadow of a doubt, we decided that something had to be done and we were fortunate enough to come into the possession of the original medieval ground rules for driving out vampires.
Ground rules for driving out vampires
1. With a single blow, a stake must be driven through the vampire's heart.
2. Small stones or piles of incense must be placed at the extreme ends of the vampire's limbs.
3. Garlic must be stuffed into the vampire's mouth.
4. Millet must be sprinkled over the body.
5. The corpse must be placed face down when reburied.
6. Wild, thorny roses must be bound around the outside of the coffin.
7. As soon as we have succeeded in filling the post of head vampire exorcist, the above ground rules will be implemented point by point. Until then, for reasons of safety, we recommend that all guests at Egeskov carry a large garlic bulb or, better still, two.